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Product Category: Kratom Capsules

A collection of the best synthetic urines you can get for test

white thai

By far the most euphoric capsules I have ever used were White Thai capsules. The euphoria and energy boost I obtained was spectacular. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy that can only be described as an intense feeling of optimism, especially for the future. I also love using White...

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red maeng da capsules

Red Maeng Da capsules produce incredibly potent pain relieving properties. Even though Red Bali produces comparable pain relief, Red Maeng Da is less sedative and provides a strong mood boost that is very effective for anxiety relief. Red Maeng Da capsules’ ability to provide you with a powerful combination of...

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Green Malay Capsules

As a person who has struggled with anxiety, I can personally vouch for Green Malay capsules. Reason being, Green Malay is not sedative nor is it over stimulating to the point where it can increase your anxiety. Green Malay also produces a strong energy boost which can increase your productivity...

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Red Bali is recognized for being one of the best sleeping aid strains on the market. It’s high alkaloid levels will have you snoring like a lion and will also produce exceptional pain relief. If you have trouble sleeping, especially due to pain, Red Bali capsules are perfect for you....

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white maeng da capsules

White Maeng Da helps you get the day started with a sudden bolt of energy, good-feel effects, and increased focus that is extremely useful to get in the zone at work or school. This hybrid strain is potent in all its colors and is also known to produce euphorias....

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