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July 04, 2020
green maeng da anxiety

Hi, Im Phillip, co-founder of Kratom Krush and today I wanna talk about how you can say goodbye to anxiety with Green Maeng Da. Anxiety has run amok in today’s society. Luckily, there’s a solution we can all benefit from.

Green Maeng Da is a potent kratom strain that is excellent for reducing anxiety because of its opioid like effects. It’s better stick to lower dosages (2-3g) when dosing for anxiety. This low dosage will increase the euphoric effects and boost your mood without compromising your mental focus.

There are various ways to ingest kratom. Depending on the method you choose, Green Maeng Da (or any strain for that matter) will have a stronger or weaker effect.

Some people prefer to use capsules, some like making kratom teas, and others like myself prefer to use the toss and wash method which includes taking the powder directly in you mouth and washing it down with water.

How Effective is Green Maeng Da for Anxiety?

After lots of intense research and personal experience (and believe me I’ve tried a lot of strains) Green Maeng Da is the best of the best. Some people argue Green Malay is better, but I prefer Green Maeng Da for anxiety for one specific reason: the strong euphoria.

Although Green Malay also produces euphoric effects, they’re not as strong as the euphorias I’ve gotten from Green Maeng Da. The overwhelming feeling of optimism and hope completely overshadows any stress and/or anxiety I’m feeling at the moment.

I have to be clear about something, the euphoric effect doesn’t last very long, but that goes for any strain. I would say it lasts for about 30 min to maybe an hour.

However, the inner peace you feel lasts much longer. You can expect to feel anxiety relief from Green Maeng Da to last anywhere from 4 to 5 hours sometimes longer. The reason for Green Maeng Da’s potency is due to it being a hybrid.

This strain was originally created via a method called grafting which involves the breeding of different plant tissues to create a new plant. The purpose of creating a the hybrid was to beat the Indonesian heat, mix pain relief and energy in one plant, and provide more potent effects than Bali.

Hence, why Green Maeng Da is an excellent choice for relaxing your body while simultaneously boosting your mood. With that in mind, HOW you choose to consume kratom plays a huge role in how effective it will be.

Let’s take a look at the most common forms of ingestion so you can decide which method is best for you.

How to Consume Green Maeng a

How you choose to consume Green Maeng Da will also directly affect the strength of the euphoria. All of the following forms of consumption will provide the same level of anxiety relief.

However, some methods of consumption provide stronger euphorias than others.

Let’s dive in.

Kratom Capsules

Capsules are a very convenient way to use kratom because you avoid the messy powder. It takes about 45 minutes to one hour for your stomach to break down the capsules and for you to begin to feel the effects.

No need for measuring powder, stirring, or dealing with a bitter taste. I would consider capsules to produce the second most potent euphoric effects.

Toss and Wash

This method is my preferred method because it allows me to obtain very strong euphorias. However, it’s not a very pleasant taste. You can expect to make the same face when taking a shot of Vodka.

Green Maeng Da

Here’s how you perform the Toss and Wash:

  • Take a spoonful of Green Maeng Da powder
  • Dispense it in your mouth without swallowing
  • Take a big gulp of water (preferably cold)
  • Swirl it around in your mouth
  • Swallow

The bitter taste will be harsh, but you’ll thank me after the euphoria kicks in. Make sure not to suck in any air as you’re taking a gulp of water or you’ll have a cough attack.

Kratom Tea

Many people have told me kratom tea has a similar taste to Matcha. If you enjoy teas, this is going to be your preferred method. Here’s how: boil about 2-4 cups of water. Just keep in mind the more water you use the less potent the effects will be.

Green Maeng Da Tea

Mix in your preferred amount of Green Maeng Powder and stir. Stir viciously. Kratom powder does not mix well so you’re going to want to stir for a while otherwise you’ll be drinking dry kratom powder. I would say this is the third most effective way of consuming kratom.

Choosing the Correct Dosage

As I mentioned before, you want to stick to a lower dose if you want to obtain the full anti-anxiety/euphoric effects. I know, it sounds very contradictory. 2-3g is just a rough estimate for the average person. If you’re already an avid consumer of kratom or you’re a heavier person (i.e. over 200 pounds) you may need to take more.

I realize how confusing this is for a beginner so if you’ve never used kratom before let me help you with a step-by-step process to find your appropriate dose. This will work with any form of ingestion.

  • Day 1: Take 1 gram of Green Maeng Da in the morning before eating breakfast. Wait 1 hour. If you haven’t felt the effects you’re going to want to increase your dose the following day. (Don’t eat anything while you’re waiting for the anxiety relief to take effect)
  • Day 2: Take 2 grams of Green Maeng Da before breakfast. Wait 1 hour. Still nothing? Increase by one gram the following day or everyday until you feel the anxiety relief.
  • Day 3: Let’s say on day 2 you felt the anxiety relief but not the euphoria. Take 3 grams before breakfast. 3 grams before breakfast should be enough for any beginner to feel a surge of optimism. However, if you didn’t feel the euphoric effects with 3 grams as a beginner, you may want to switch strains and/or form of ingestion. Everyone’s body is different and will therefore we react differently to each strain and method of ingestion.

If you don’t have a scale to weigh your kratom powder you can use the image below to gauge roughly how much kratom you’re consuming. The image shows what 2 grams of Green Maeng Da looks like in a tablespoon.

2 grams of Green Maeng da in a tablespoon

I hope by now you have a better understanding of how the method of consumption and the dose affects the time it will take for you to feel the anxiety relief.

From my experience, the toss and wash method produces the strongest euphoric effects, but some people prefer conveniency over potency. If such is the case, capsules would be a better choice for you.

If you enjoy taking your time to drink a relaxing tea, then making kratom tea is going to be best for you. Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of Green Maeng Da.

Reap the Full Rewards of Green Maeng Da

I’ve provided you with everything you need to know about Green Maeng Da but I completely understand how someone could easily miss a bit of information.

So, here are the highlights of how to obtain the strongest anxiety relief and euphoric effects:

  1. Take Green Maeng Da on an empty stomach
  2. Don’t eat anything for at least 2 hours after consumption
  3. Use the toss and wash method
  4. Don’t use kratom everyday or you will build a tolerance to it. Use it roughly every other day or less.

There you have it! This is how I was able to control my anxiety and now you can too. I understand how crippling it can be to deal with high levels of stress day in and day out so I truly wish you the best.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at contact@kratomkrush.net and I’ll be happy to get back to you within 24 hours.

Related Questions

Is Green Maeng Da good for pain? Green Maeng Da is okay for relieving pain. It’s more ideal for releiving stress, depression or anxiety. If pain relief is what you seek, I would highly recommend Red Bali or Red Meang Da. If you want the best of both worlds (pain AND anxiety relief) go with Red Maeng Da.

Green Malay vs Green Maeng Da for anxiety?

Both are excellent strains and will get the job done. However, I prefer Green Maeng Da over Green Malay because of its stronger euphoric effects.



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