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How To Make Kratom Tea: A Simple Step By Step Guide

Most of the population has been into the use of herbs in tea. Something about staying healthy involves drinking tea and putting more vegetables on our diets. When it comes to herbal tea, Kratom Tea is a popular choice for many. If you want to know how to make Kratom Tea, read on. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Kratom: What it is, its effects and health benefits, and how to make one.

What Is Kratom Tea?


Kratom Tea is one of the beneficial teas many have been talking about. The herbs from the Kratom Tea are from an evergreen tree of the same name, which derives its roots from the coffee family that’s native in Southeast Asia. The Kratom tree usually thrives in tropical climates where it can grow to up to 80 feet!

In Southeast Asia, the Kratom leaves from the tree are typically ingested through chewing. It is only in the United States that capsules and powdered forms are being circulated. The leaves are taken from the tree and dried and ground finely before ingestion as a supplement or tea. 

Kratom Tea (scientific name: Mitragyna Speciosa) is believed to have been used by many in Southeast Asia for about 150 years now. It is cultivated in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Aside from being referred to as Kratom Tea, it is also popularly called Maeng Da in Asian countries. 

Commonly, Kratom Tea is made from steeped kratom leaves. On the other hand, Kratom leaves can also be smoked like tobacco. The leaves, whether powdered in natural form, are commonly found in food stores, health shops, vape shops, and even in online stores. 

Kratom Tea has risen to popularity as it is regarded as a healthier alternative to one’s morning coffee. All the effects you hate when drinking coffee, like feeling anxious and jittery, aren’t present when drinking Kratom Tea — yet it leaves you feeling full of life and energized for the day!

What Are the Health Benefits and Effects of Kratom Tea?

Many are curious about the effects of this herb and the potential benefits that it may have on the body. Kratom tea is an herbal tea that is rich in alkaloids. It contains two unique compounds, namely: Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. 

Now, what is Kratom tea good for? Because it derives its roots from the coffee plant family, it tends to leave its drinkers energized without the caffeine. 


But surely, Kratom Tea provides more benefits than just energy. For more than a century now, natives of Southeast Asia have used Kratom Tea derived from its leaves to treat the following: fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Though modern medicine has provided support for Kratom’s use, there is still extensive knowledge to be researched on the herb. 

With the few research studies done, Kratom Tea has been known to enhance libido. Clinical studies show that the tea has certain aphrodisiac effects. It can also be taken as a supplement.

On the other hand, for pain relief, all three strains of the Kratom are known to relieve chronic pain. The following strains are categorized as white vein, green vein, and red vein varieties, and all types provide extensive relief from pain as they function through the opioid receptors. 

As mentioned earlier, kratom tea provides mood-boosting effects on the body. It also is found to be an effective treatment for addiction to opioids as it alleviates certain withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it was seen that Kratom has the potential to be an antidepressant where it helps lower corticosterone levels associated with depression. 

While all these are positive effects of Kratom tea, it’s essential to know that to achieve these, the herb must be ingested in small doses. Like all things, Kratom tea and its natural form must be taken in moderation. When taken in high doses, Kratom may have certain sedative effects. 

High volume Kratom use may also lead to dehydration, extreme weight loss, constipation, and nausea. 

What Should You Use for Kratom Tea?

There are many forms of Kratom Tea being ingested. As Kratom is derived from the leaves of the Kratom tree, the leaves can come in any form or shape when ingested. Many natives from Asian countries even munch on the leaves directly from the tree without undergoing any type of process. 

Kratom leaves may be pulverized, broken down into small pieces, made as an extract, or processed into supplements. However, when learning how to make Kratom Tea, it’s crucial to have the basics: powdered Kratom leaves and boiling water. Making Kratom tea, although involving only two ingredients, is certainly not a walk in the park.

Many make the error of using Kratom extract as a base for their Kratom tea, which should not be the case. Extracts, as we all know, are very potent forms of herbs, and any Kratom Tea drinker may accidentally ingest more doses of Kratom than they would like. Moreover, extracts, when steeped with hot water, may lose the alkaloids it contains. 

This is why Kratom Tea is preferably made with the powdered form of Kratom leaves brewed in hot water. Some have done their fair share of Kratom tea innovations where the use of tea bags is employed. This is to get only pure liquid and dispose of bulks of powder possibly still floating on your tea to enjoy the experience. 

How to Make Kratom Tea

While the thought of drinking tea is very relaxing, it’s important to keep in mind that one may not like the taste of Kratom Tea in its purest form. Kratom tea, when steeped, is bitter, and the longer you let it sit and steep on boiling water, the more bitterness will ensue. Here are some tips on how to prepare Kratom Tea: 


Prepare Your Tools and Ingredients 

Aside from the needed Kratom powder, it’s essential to have a designated teapot for your regular Kratom Tea product and a strainer. Prepare your recommended Kratom dosage, honey (or any type of sweetener you prefer), lemon juice, and certain add-ons like cinnamon powder or cardamom. 

It’s Tea Time

Pour water into your kettle and let it boil slowly. Add in your Kratom dose to the boiling water on the kettle and let it simmer for more or less 20 minutes. If you prefer a citrus boost to your drink, you may also add lemon juice as your tea boils. When done, give it a few seconds to cool down. 

You may now strain your Kratom Tea mixture using your mesh strainer. Pour the tea through the strainer and do so until all the clumps of powder are being rid of. You’re all done!

You may also reuse the clumps of Kratom leftover for your next tea time. 

If you’re wondering how to make Kratom tea a lot more fun to drink, you may add peppermint or spearmint to your herbal tea or transform your tea into a Kratom Masala Chai, where you add an Indian sweetened tea to your Kratom blend. 

When you get the hang of steeping your own Kratom Tea, you can improvise on its taste. Whether you decide to add spices, sweeteners, or even fruit juices, it’s up to you! Kratom Tea, as healthy as it is, can also be a fun drink. Don’t make it boring!

Best Place to Purchase Kratom Tea

It’s important to get your hands on only premium quality Kratom. Though Kratom can be found in health food stores, it is more popularly sourced from online shops. When looking for the right Kratom powder for your Kratom tea, it’s important to get some from a trusted and reliable source. 


One must ensure that the Kratom they purchase is free from certain impurities, foreign substances, and artificial additives. Take a look at the distributor’s pricing as well. Buying Kratom for cheap is not advised as it may already be old and low in potency. 

A premium quality Kratom distributor has a renowned reputation. They give out their Kratom sources and are easy to transact with online. 

Of course, the best place to purchase Kratom Tea is where customer service is stellar. They are knowledgeable of the benefits of Kratom, can help you as a beginner Kratom Tea drinker, and can suggest instances where Kratom can be of help to your well-being. 



More than anything, as a potential Kratom Tea drinker, one should do their own research on the product and have a comprehensive understanding of its effects before purchasing. Kratom, whether in tea or supplement form, can be beneficial to your overall well-being. Health, indeed, is wealth, and we all should do our part in keeping ourselves healthy, especially during this pandemic. 

Are you looking into trying out Kratom Tea to jumpstart your clean and green journey? Kratom Krush is here to help you maximize the benefits of Kratom to your advantage. Order your first Kratom Tea now and experience the effects and benefits other people are already enjoying.


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