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April 14, 2020

Ketapang kratom comes from Indonesia, and is one of many high-quality strains from the country. We have three types of Ketapang available at – Red, White and Green – which produce a range of effects.  Ketapang is perhaps not the best-known kratom, but it’s wildly popular with users. We’ll be discussing what makes this strain such a winner, and explore ways to take kratom powder in this guide. If you’re new to kratom or just looking to change things up, we’re sure a Ketapang strain could make the difference. 

What is kratom?

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) was pretty much unknown in the United States until a few years ago. However, countries like Indonesia and Thailand have used the plant for generations, either for relaxant or stimulant purposes. Kratom has versatile effects, with some enjoying analgesic effects, and others revelling in the energy boost. 

Millions now take kratom in the US, for anything from pain to anxiety. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the plant, or any of its components, for medical use. Furthermore, the kratom industry is not FDA-regulated. Kratom has shown therapeutic potential in a few small trials, but this does not equate to clinical evidence. However, given kratom’s newfound popularity, we anticipate more scientific research in the coming years. 

Getting to know Ketapang kratom

Ketapang kratom is known for its smooth taste, and is notably less bitter than other types of kratom. This is a huge deal, as many Western users have sought to eliminate the harsh flavor, by taking kratom in tea, capsule or even edible form.  The mild effects of Ketapang are wonderful for kratom novices. Whether you want more energy or more relaxation from your kratom, better taste means a better experience. 

White Ketapang Kratom 

white ketapang kratom powder

This is the most energizing Ketapang strain in our collection. White vein kratom doesn’t hold back with the stimulation, and this strain will leave you invigorated, refreshed and fully focused for your day. Indeed, it’s a great morning strain and the ideal substitute to a cup of coffee.  White Ketapang’s stimulant effects are useful for manual laborers, who need deep energy reserves to keep their productivity up. This strain also appeals to office workers and students, who find maintaining concentration a chore. However, the intense stimulant effects have the potential to trigger anxiety. 

Green Ketapang Kratom

Green Ketapang Powder

Affected by anxiety but still want an energizing kratom experience? This Green vein strain has everything you’re looking for. You’ll still get the smooth Ketapang flavor, but instead of full-on energy, there’s a dash of relaxation and a mellowing effect to keep you calm and composed.  Green vein kratom meets Red and White strains in the middle. These strains are well-suited to both daytime and evening consumption. This is a great investment if you want a kratom for all scenarios. 

Red Ketapang Kratom

red ketapang kratom powder

This is the most relaxing kratom in the Ketapang selection. Red strains are typically described as having opiate-like properties, and are the most popular kratoms for people looking to ease pain. This Red has strong, sedative effects that may also help lower anxiety and stress. Sleepiness is one side effect of kratom, and this is more apparent with Red strains because of the sedative properties. With this in mind, Red Ketapang is best reserved for the evenings. Then, it doesn’t matter if you feel drowsy and fall asleep on the sofa! You could even try this strain to try and help you sleep. 

Maximizing the potential of Ketapang kratom

After picking your preferred kratom powder, you’ll need to know how to use it! Powder is already active and doesn’t need heating. So, technically, you can take it directly with water – this is called the ‘toss and wash’ method. Not everyone likes this approach because of kratom’s bitter flavor. But since we know Ketapang is more tolerable, this isn’t such a big problem!  Kratom tea is another popular option, and goes even further to cover the kratom flavor.

With powder, brewing tea takes just a couple of minutes. Stir it into hot water, and let the brew settle for a few minutes before drinking. This promotes the maximum release of alkaloids into the tea.  Why not try your hand at making kratom edibles? These not only taste divine, but offer consistency in your experiences – you choose exactly how much kratom goes in each edible. In addition, you can enjoy kratom edibles very discreetly. 

Will Ketapang kratom make me sleepy?

The Red and Green strains should have a sedative effect, which may make you very sleepy. In contrast, the White strain is more energizing than relaxing. Green kratom is good for daytime use, and shouldn’t make you sleepy unless taken in large amounts. 

Does Ketapang improve mood?

Kratom has mood-lifting potential. Red Ketapang is associated with euphoric effects in large quantities and a small helping may also help boost mood. That said, there is no scientific research confirming that kratom, or any of its alkaloids, has any effect on mood. However, since we know alkaloids interact with receptors in the opioid system, it’s certainly possible. 

Will I get hooked on Ketapang kratom?

All kratom has an addictive risk. The more kratom you take, the more likely you are to get addicted. Attempts to stop taking kratom may result in withdrawal symptoms, such as muscle spasms, twitching, anxiety and aggression. To avoid getting hooked on kratom, keep a regular check on your intake. 

Where can I purchase Ketapang kratom?

We have Red, White and Green Ketapang for sale right here at Our organic, pesticide-free kratom offers a premium experience. We also have a growing selection of other strains, including Maeng Da, Borneo and Bali.  Kratom is legal nationwide, but some states have banned products. Ensure kratom is legal in your region before you buy. 

Final thoughts 

Ketapang kratom is an up and coming strain, and it’s only likely to get bigger as more people hear about the smooth effects with no harsh aftertaste. These are brilliant strains for anybody just getting started with kratom. 


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