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How to Correctly Make a Kratom Tincture: Step-by-Step

kratom tincture

Making your own kratom tincture is a great way to save money while simultaneously obtaining more potent effects than kratom powder. Hi, I’m Phillip, co-owner of Kratom Krush, and today I’m going to show you step-by-step of exactly what I do to make a seriously potent kratom tincture.

Kratom tinctures are essentially kratom in liquid form. The alkaloids in kratom powder are extracted using alcohol and converted into a very concentrated tincture, which can be taken sublingually or mixed with food or other beverages. The effects of the tincture will depend on the kratom strain you use during the extraction process. However, one thing is certain, kratom tinctures are more potent than kratom in its powdered form.

I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy using kratom tinctures. They’re extremely convenient, and their higher potency means you can take smaller doses to obtain the same or stronger effects than you normally would. Let’s get to it.

How to Make a Kratom Tincture

In order to create the perfect kratom tincture, you’re going to need a few tools. The tools I’ve listed below are high quality, but don’t break the bank. I’ve done my fair share of digging online to find you the best deals. However, feel free to continue searching in the chance that you find better prices or products.

Measuring Scale for your kratom powder
Funnel (Optional)
Kratom Powder (at least 120 grams but feel free to use more)
Citric Acid
pH Strips
Dark tincture bottle (preferably glass) with dropper
80-100 Proof Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol
Glass container with lid

Let’s get into the step-by-step process on actually putting your tincture together.

Step 1: For your first step, you’re going to want to measure out 4-6 ounces of your favorite kratom powder. Place the measured kratom powder in a glass jar (that comes with a lid) and then add 1 liter of alcohol. Mix kratom powder and alcohol together.

Tip: We recommend you add 1 liter of alcohol per 4-6 ounces.

Step 2: Add small amounts of citric acid, such a lemon or grapefruit. Take your pH strip and add the citric acid until it reaches a pH level of 4 or slightly lower. Shake well and place the lid on the jar. Leave in a dark and cool place for about a week.

Step 3: Once the week is up, you’re going to need to strain the mixture in order to separate any particles from the alkaloid solution we want to extract. You can use a cheesecloth or strainer for this. Then place the extracted liquid into a jar.

Best Tip: You can place a cheesecloth over the jar with the extracted liquid to
let it evaporate further for a few days more to about another week. This allows your kratom extract to be much more potent.

Step 4: Place the liquid in tinctures and enjoy!

We recommend you store your tinctures in a cool dark place, and you can also place them in the fridge.

Choosing the Correct Strain for Your Tincture

Now, the awesome thing about making your very own kratom tincture is that your options are limitless. There’s no strain that you can’t make your very own tincture from. If you’ve been using kratom powder for a while now, you probably figured out which strains are your favorite and the most beneficial for your needs.

You’re more than welcome to use your strain of choice for this. If you haven’t yet explored kratom, I will go ahead and provide for you a quick background on the different color strains and their intended effects.

Kratom strains typically come in three common colors: red, white, and green. However, there are kratom vendors who have expanded their selection to include others, such as gold kratom.

Red Kratom Strains

Red kratom strains are considered to be the most classic and popular of all the strains. This is because it offers so many great discomfort-relieving benefits as well as relaxation and calming effects. If you’re a beginner, I’d probably start here because it won’t be as stimulating as white or green strains.

The alkaloids contained in kratom, such as 7-hydroxymitragynine, binds to pain receptors in the brain. This allows you to feel relief from certain ailments. Most people use this strain for chronic body discomfort, stress, and more. 

So, which red kratom strain is best? This all comes down to personal preference and experience. When it comes to kratom, not everyone’s experiences will be the same every time. What I can tell you is the most popular red kratom strain out there, which happens to be my personal favorite.

Red Bali is the most sold strain all around. It provides great body discomfort relief, relaxation of the body, and calms my stress. It’s definitely one you will want to try for those seeking any of the mentioned benefits.

White Kratom Strains

When one thinks of the color white, you might think energy and tranquility. Well, that’s what white kratom strains provide. White colored strains are known for their stimulating energy effects. They are considered to be the most potent, so it’s best to work your way up to this one. It has opioid-like effects, making it a great choice for those who want to be productive.

For those who need energy to get intense projects done, require concentration for studying, or desire vitality to get through the long day, white strains can be a great choice for you. Many, like myself, are more focused on tasks with white strains. Some even claim to feel euphoria from the white vein kratom strains. It’s a great option if you want to be more alert and attentive to any tasks at hand.

A popular white kratom strain that is also one of the most potent white strains out there is White Thai. It offers lots of energy and focus, stress relief, and is likely to give you a euphoric boost on top of it all. A great way to enjoy White Thai Kratom is by taking it in the morning to get your day started. You can most definitely replace your typical cup of coffee with this strain. Trust me, you won’t miss your coffee.

Green Kratom Strains

differences between kratom powder and extract

Green kratom strains are interesting. They’re actually a hybrid of the red and white vein strains. So, they provide the best of both worlds. It provides both energy and discomfort relief. 

A lot of green kratom consumers actually claim that the balanced effects make them feel more social. They are more talkative, relaxed and slightly more energized which allows them to be more confident in social events. If you have a presentation coming up, or a party, green strains can be a great way to calm those nerves down and bring out your outgoing side.

There’s lots of popular green kratom strains on the market. There are two who have been taking the reins in this category: Green Malay and Green Maeng Da. Green Malay has the longest lasting effects out of all the strains. It offers mood boosting effects as well as relaxation, making it one of the best for its stabilizing benefits.

Green Maeng Da, quite literally translates to “pimp grade”. This is because it is a mixture of some of the best and most potent strains. It packs a punch and is said to provide more energy than other green kratom. You won’t regret trying this one out.

Gold Kratom Strains

Gold kratom is less common than the other strains. You can consider this as a newer strain in our western society. There are online reputable vendors who sell gold kratom. It is a hybrid of red and white kratom strains, but it tends to resemble more of the white strains because it brings about a great sense of calmness.

If you’ve explored various types of color strains and want to try something new, we recommend you try out Gold Bali Kratom. If you have stress or have trouble sleeping, this one is great for both. Many users of Gold Bali take it about an hour before bed and get the best sleep. 

Your finished tincture will have the same alkaloid profile as the original kratom powder you used. Nonetheless, it will be elevated to a higher potency because of the high concentration from the extraction of the kratom powder.

Advantages of Using a Kratom Tincture

There’s plenty of reasons why you’d possibly consider making the switch to kratom tinctures instead of kratom powder. If you’re an experienced or frequent kratom user, you’ll know it’s less convenient if you’re on a tight schedule. You’re using kratom quite frequently, if not daily, and you want an easier method of consumption. 

How to Properly Use a Kratom Tincture

When it comes to using kratom tinctures, there’s three methods of consumption. Let’s go over your options.

Kratom Tincture for Sublingual Use

If your kratom tincture comes with a dropper, you can actually take it sublingually. This means you take the dropper, place it under your tongue, and drop the kratom in! If it’s your first time taking kratom in general, we recommend you start off with 1 drop.

If you’re anything but new, you can go ahead and apply 2-3 drops directly under your tongue. Kratom dosages will vary depending on many different factors, such as your tolerance and weight, so you’re more than welcome to take more drops if needed to reach your desired effects.

Mixing Your Kratom Tincture With Food or Drinks

I know it seems strange, but you can actually apply your kratom tincture extract to your foods and beverages. Since kratom works best on an empty stomach, taking it with food will possibly decrease its potency because it will take longer to break down and absorb.

You can always take a few more drops than your usual amount if you’re applying it to foods. As far as beverages go, I enjoy my kratom tinctures with orange juice or cranberry juice.

Directly Swallowing Your Kratom Tincture

Of course, you can always just take the kratom directly on your tongue. No need to put it underneath your tongue or in foods. It might not taste the best, but it’s much faster to take it directly to quickly enjoy the effects.

How Long do Kratom Effects Last?

<a href=how long does kratom last” width=”699″ height=”466″>

Kratom is very unique in that the effects and length of effects vary from person to person and even from vendor to vendor. It really comes down to how tolerant you are, your weight, gender, and whether or not you’re consuming it with something else, like food.

In general, you can expect kratom effects to last you between 3-5 hours. Taking a very small amount can reduce the time you feel the effects, while taking a much larger dose can possibly increase the time period that you normally experience the effects.

Negative Side Effects of Using a Kratom Tincture

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t immune to the negative side effects kratom tinctures can have. Since it is a lot more potent than regular kratom powder, the dosage amounts are less than the kratom powder. Some tend to forget this and they’ll take larger amounts of the kratom tincture and then pay the price. Although these side effects are pretty harmless and short-term, you still want to avoid them in order to get the best experiences with your tincture.

Here’s a list of some of the side effects users tend to experience when taking too much:
Extreme Sedation

There are possibly other side effects that aren’t listed, but you can always avoid them with these tips. You should always take kratom with the smallest dosage amount when you’re first figuring out your perfect dose. Gradually increase until you feel the desired effects. Never Take too high of a dose if your regular dose is much less. You can always ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take kratom.

All in all, kratom can have some amazing side effects that can replace  coffee. Creating your very own tincture can be beneficial because of its higher potency , which means you won’t need to take as much. It is also a lot easier and faster to consume once the tincture is made, saving you time and money in the long run.

Hi there, I'm Phillip co-owner of Kratom Krush. I began using kratom a few years ago to ease my anxiety. Ever since then, I've been experimenting with a wide variety of strains to compare their effects and get the most from this awesome plant. This is the site where I share everything I've learned.


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