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Red Bali Kratom Powder

(48 customer reviews)


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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

Red Bali is a world-renowned kratom strain from the Indonesian island it’s named after. Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) originated in Southeast Asia, and Indonesia is a prime hotbed for the plant.

We’ll get stuck into the ins and outs of the experience, how to take Red Bali and some safety tips in this guide. Red Bali kratom is a name all kratom enthusiasts have heard of, and a favorite among both newcomers and seasoned pros.

4 ways to enjoy Red Bali

‘Toss and wash’: Exactly as it sounds, this works by “tossing” Red Bali powder into your mouth, and “washing” it down with water. The main benefit? It gets kratom into your body faster than any other approach. The main downside? You’ll have to deal with kratom’s really bitter taste.

Kratom tea: Brewing infused tea takes a little longer, but it’s still a seamless process with our “instant” Red Bali powder. It’s much tastier than “tossing and washing” your kratom, especially when mixed with sweetener. Kratom tea also produces extended effects, according to users.

Homemade capsules: Making your own kratom capsules with a machine and empty shells takes time and extra cost. But if you don’t mind swallowing large capsules, it has some advantages. Kratom capsules hide the flavor altogether, they’re discreet and you can get accurate amounts with them, too!

Cook with kratom: Kratom’s very high boiling point means there’s no risk of burning off the plant’s key alkaloids if you cook with it! Kratom powder is a great ingredient for your recipes. Some love to make kratom cookies, which are delicious, and provide a precise amount.

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50 grams (1.5 oz), 100 grams (4 oz), 250 grams (8.8 oz), 500 grams (1 lb 3 oz), 1000 grams / 1 kilo (2 lbs 10 oz)

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48 reviews for Red Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Wyatt M. (verified owner)

    It changed my life I feel much better after taking red bali kratom it helped me with my anxiety an stress Also my insomnia

  2. Gordon K. (verified owner)

    2-3 grams worked for me. It seemed more effective than others I’ve tried.

  3. Deborah (verified owner)

    Really helped me sleep thru the night.

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Great price great product and I got it fast

  5. Nigelle (verified owner)

    Good company to order from

  6. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  7. Emmanuel P. (verified owner)

    I got the red bali kratom and it was really good and the price was great!

  8. tracie (verified owner)

    As with any new product, I was a skeptical with the claims. However, this has amazing results for someone with chronic pain, clinical anxiety and depression. Kratom (esp red strain) has been the best, safest, no side effect answer for me. I use about 2-3 grams depending on how I feel with a quarter coffee cup of sun tea — works better on the break down if I warm up just a little. I have been using for about a month at the EOD and the results are feelings of well being (best), relaxed, takes the edge off my body aches all while being able to stay very focused and productive. Unlike weed and especially alcohol which I don't use to self medicate anymore. I'm so happy with the results and the online assistance. Appreciated and thankful!!

  9. William (verified owner)

    I'm leaving a three star because honestly I think the red bali is a lot weaker then I anticipated.

    This website is great. The shipping is fast. And I'll be buying all my Kratom from here, I've gotten 3 bags of the 500g powder. This kind was just disappointing.

    Still love Kratom Krush tho😍

  10. Leah (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite strain. It helps my husband and I with chronic pain issues and oddly helps whether we need to be busy or when it’s time to sleep. That’s probably the pain relief. I’ll continue buying this one. I’m on my second order now.

  11. Mary (verified owner)

    This is not the best kratom I have ever had but not the worst.

  12. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Great price. You have earned our regular business.

  13. Raquel (verified owner)

    My husband is a paraplegic of 9 yrs and kratom helps him tremendously! So happy to have found it.

  14. Judith (verified owner)

    Dont shop for your kratom anywhere else! after wasting my money buying it from local smoke shops i looked online and decided to give kratom krush a try. I will never buy from anywhere else!! quality is on point and prices are the best!!! shop kratom krush with confidence because they have the highest quality and lowest prices. They could easily charge more but they care and take customer service seriously..

    thank you kratom krush!!!!!

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    I was impressed by the phone service I received. The person I placed my order with was pleasant, informative, professional and reassuring. I ordered a split kilogram. To my surprise, my order was at my door TWO DAYS later, just as I had ordered.

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    I had placed a phone order. The person taking my order was pleasant, professional, informative and reassuring. My order arrived, just as I ordered, TWO DAYS later.

  17. Megan (verified owner)

    Something that actually helps with my anxiety

  18. Paul (verified owner)

    A little late arriving, but good quality Kratom.I will purchase more!

  19. Paul (verified owner)

    A little late arriving, but good quality Kratom.I will purchase more!

  20. Rita (verified owner)

    The Red Bali works well in managing my chronic pain. It also works fast.

  21. Peralta (verified owner)

    This product has works wonders for my husband who is a paraplegic. Thank you KK

  22. Frank (verified owner)

    The product was shipped in a nice sturdy box. The Kratom is amazing! My only wish would be that the shipping would be a little faster. Don't get me wrong, the Kratom is worth the wait. Keep up the great work, I'm here for good!

  23. Gary (verified owner)

    Well packaged. Shipping was fast. Quality product.

  24. Gary (verified owner)

    Well packaged. Shipping was fast. Quality product.

  25. Giovanna (verified owner)

    This created a very nice euphoric response fairly quickly, and it was enjoyable. I will be purchasing this strain again.

  26. Giovanna Vecchitto (verified owner)

    This created a very nice euphoric response fairly quickly, and it was enjoyable. I will be purchasing this strain again.

  27. Lewis (verified owner)

    Works for joint and muscle pain, far better than expected. It does so without the side effects of opiodes.

  28. Sarah (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this product. It is calming and helps dull my chronic pain. I will buy this again.

  29. Tabitha (verified owner)

    Perfect deep, full body and mind relaxation for the evenings, vivid dreams but good sleep and I wake without feeling groggy. Took me a few try’s to find the perfect dosage but once I did,… it was bliss.

  30. Tabitha (verified owner)

    Perfect deep, full body and mind relaxation for the evenings, vivid dreams but good sleep and I wake without feeling groggy. Took me a few try’s to find the perfect dosage but once I did,… it was bliss.

  31. Lesley (verified owner)

    My favorite for a mellow time.

  32. Lesley (verified owner)

    My favorite. Mellow and awesome.

  33. Lesley (verified owner)

    My favorite. Mellow and awesome.

  34. Tabitha (verified owner)

    So far the only red strain I’ve tried and it works so well I’ve not yet tried another one. Depending on the time of day, Red Bali will help with focus, mental energy but physical relaxation. Kind of like a muscle relaxer with a mood boost.

  35. Brittnee Becnel (verified owner)

    This wasn’t my favorite strain but I still like it and LOVE Kratom Krush! It’s by far the best quality Kratom I’ve ever tried!

  36. Tabitha (verified owner)

    Still one of my absolute favorites. I keep coming back to my Red Bali. I can take it during the day at 2.5-3 grams and get pain relief, mood boost and even energy. Evening dose is 3.5-4 grams which is perfect for the extreme relaxation amazing pain relief.

  37. Brittany Coker (verified owner)

    I just ordered 500 grams of Red Bali kratom less than two full days ago and I already received my package! Very discreet packaging, which I appreciate so much. I am so impressed with the company. Can’t wait to start this journey.

  38. Brittany (verified owner)

    I am on my second day of using my red bali and I am just blown away at this stuff! I have felt no need to my prescription pain meds for my disability and illnesses so I have tapered down so low that it doesn’t bother. This stuff is a life safer! Please, atleast try it. I was skeptical, but so glad I found a good vendor. Will be repurchasing a different strain very soon!

  39. Jo (verified owner)

    Red Bali works well for my pain 🙂 I have Fibromyalgia and live in area (West Virginia) were it’s almost impossible to get pain meds. I’m so grateful to have Kratom still available to those who need it.

  40. Brittnee Becnel (verified owner)

    I love Kratom Krush! The best Kratom out there! Red Bali is one of my favs!

  41. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great quality and price

  42. Joseph (verified owner)

    Good price and quick shipping. Kratom was on point and as good as I’ve purchased anywhere. Will buy again.

  43. Donald (verified owner)

    This is like silver quality compared to lead quality.

  44. Marsha (verified owner)

    Experience with this company in the ordering process went smooth. In the products I purchased were as expected.
    Thank you kratom krush!

  45. Tracie (verified owner)

    Great help with my back pain! A little increase in my nightly does provides a nice, mellow buzz that helps me sleep. No nausea whatsoever which is always a big plus!

  46. Henry Victory (verified owner)

    Good Kratom especially for sleep and anxiety. would recommend for the anxious neurotics out there.

  47. henryvictory (verified owner)

    Red Bali is some good stuff it helps me sleep and helps with my pain with slight euphoria.

  48. Royce Englehart

    I have been using the Red Bali kratom powder from Kratom Krush for a little while now since my original supplier went out of business. I use the Red Bali in the day time (I take it in the morning with breakfast) because it doesn't make me groggy like the Red Borneo that I take @ night to sleep. I have neuropathy and psoriatic arthritis and this takes care of the pain during the day so I can get things done, such as go shopping. I have to use a wheelchair (electric) if I leave the house and since I can't drive any more I have to take the bus when I go shopping. I stay alert during the day when I take the Red Bali which I don't think I would be able to do if I took the Red Borneo that I take @ night to sleep. Especially @ a bus stop while waiting for the next bus. They have horrible bus service in this town and sometimes I have to wait as much as 30 minutes for a connecting bus. Anyway great consistent quality, really great packaging, and great service. I don't need to buy the powder all that often as I only use 1 1/2 teaspoons of the Red Bali in the morning and 1 1/2 teaspoons of the Red Borneo @ night. I've used the same amount since I started using kratom powder and never had a need to increase my dosage. I have skipped some nights using kratom powder if I haven't done much physical exertion that day and have had no side affects or 'withdrawals'. Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying.

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How Much Red Bali Kratom Should I use?

If you’ve never used kratom you should begin with 2 grams and work your way up until you achieve your desired effects.

When will my product be shipped out?

If you place an order before 3pm mountain time, it will be shipped out the same day. (Mon-Fri)

How Long Does Red Bali Kratom Last?

Most people feel Red Bali effects for 3-5 hours.

How to take Red Bali Kratom?
  1. You can drink Red Bali Kratom in the form of a tea
  2. You can consume it in capsules
  3. You can take the powder by itself. Use water to swirl it down
How can I boost Red Bali Effects?

You can use lemon juice (at least ½ cup) along with Red Bali to potentiate its effects.

How Long Does Red Bali Kratom Take to Kick in?

Kratom tea and taking powder by itself takes about 10-15 minutes to kick in. Capsules may take 30-45 minutes.