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Red Sumatra Kratom Powder

(3 customer reviews)


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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

Making Red Sumatra kratom tea

Make kratom tea with this product by mixing the Red Sumatra powder into a cup of hot water. Stir the mixture until all the clumps have been removed, add some sweeteners if you don’t like bitter blasts of kratom, and then drink!

Some users find that kratom tea has stronger effects than kratom taken in other ways. This may be explained by the extraction of alkaloids such as mitragynine into the brew, which makes for easier and more successful absorption.

“Toss and wash” Red Sumatra

Perhaps you don’t have time to wait for the water to boil, mix in the powder and so on. For times when you need Red Sumatra on demand, the “toss and wash” method might appeal.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Scoop as much powder as you need into your mouth, swill it around with water to remove the clumps, and swallow. This method is both convenient, and an efficient way of getting Red Sumatra kratom’s effects.

But not everybody likes “toss and wash”, finding the kratom flavor too strong. You may get used to this over time, or it may be easier to go for tea instead.


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50 grams (1.5 oz), 100 grams (4 oz), 250 grams (8.8 oz), 500 grams (1 lb 3 oz), 1000 grams / 1 kilo (2 lbs 10 oz)

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Strain Color


3 reviews for Red Sumatra Kratom Powder

  1. aubrey (verified owner)

    everything but the expiration date was fine. i called before i ordered and was told it was 2 yrs out and it was only 1 yr.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Relaxing, pain relieving, Good Stuff

  3. David (verified owner)

    Relaxing, pain relieving, Good Stuff

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How Much Red Sumatra Kratom Should I use?

If you’ve never used kratom you should begin with 2 grams and work your way up until you achieve your desired effects.

When will my product be shipped out?

If you place an order before 3pm mountain time, it will be shipped out the same day. (Mon-Fri)

How Long Does Red Sumatra Kratom Last?

Most people feel Red Sumatra effects for 3-5 hours.

How to take Red Sumatra Kratom?
  1. You can drink Red Sumatra Kratom in the form of a tea
  2. You can consume it in capsules
  3. You can take the powder by itself. Use water to swirl it down
How can I boost Red Sumatra Effects?

You can use lemon juice (at least ½ cup) along with Red Sumatra to potentiate its effects.

How Long Does Red Sumatra Kratom Take to Kick in?

Kratom tea and taking powder by itself takes about 10-15 minutes to kick in. Capsules may take 30-45 minutes.