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Red Riau

Ever heard of the Red Riau Kratom strain? Well, it’s a fairly new strain compared to the other strains that have been loved and used for a long time. I’ll be telling you what you can most likely expect with this latest kratom strain.  Red Riau is a red vein...

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red sandai kratom

You probably haven’t heard of Red JongKong Kratom strain. That’s because this is a lesser known kratom that many have yet to get their hands on. I’ll help you get to know Red JongKong kratom a little more, in case you want to try something different.  Red JongKong Kratom is...

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You might be familiar with the common kratom strains, like red, green and white. Well, there seems to be very little valuable information on Yellow Indo Kratom. In this Yellow Indo Kratom review, I’ll be describing this less popular strain as best as I can from my personal experience with...

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green dragon kratom

When thinking of Green Dragon Kratom, you might be thinking of strength and power. Well, close to how I’d describe this often overlooked kratom strain. In this Green Dragon Kratom review, I’ll be guiding you through all of the effects, dosages, and how it compares to the Bali kratom strains. ...

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red malay kratom

Red Malay Kratom has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb for pain and ailments throughout Southeast Asia. Now, millions of Americans are using kratom to manage their pain fast and easily. In this review, I’ll let you in on how you can manage your pain fast and easily...

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The latest kratom strain to hit the market is gaining tons of attention. Trainwreck kratom is a very unique strain. There’s actually no specific formula behind it, making it even more mysterious and tempting to try. Trainwreck Kratom is a blend of multiple popular kratom strains. This can include Bali,...

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Kratom tea

Kratom tea is getting plenty of attention nowadays, but what actually is it? This energizing or relaxing brew (depending on the strain) comes from the leaves of the kratom tree. This now-famous tree, which is part of the coffee family, originates from Southeast Asia, and remains wildly popular in the...

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sandai kratom

Sandai kratom is another Indonesian strain with a growing reputation. Sourced from Ketapang, Sandai is renowned for its potent aroma and fast-acting effects. This is a fairly moderate strain, without the intensity of a Maeng Da. But this makes Sandai a dependable kratom for all situations.  We’ve got lots to...

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