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White Indo Kratom: Complete Review of Effects, Dosage and More

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White Indo Kratom has been hailed by many kratom users for its effectiveness and benefits as compared to other strains. Believed to be the rarest version of kratom, the White Indo is also highly valuable.

Grown mainly in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, this strain has diminished in its natural habitats. Moreover, many vendors still stock the rare strain. The White Indo Kratom is loved by many for its effects which include relaxation of mind and reduction of pain relief among others. 

If you are already using Kratom or you desire to start your journey, read on. Follow us as we explore more about the white Indo kratom including its benefits, effects, and uses:

Effects of White Indo Kratom

The effects of the White Indo Kratom are many and many are arguably not yet known. To start with, this popular strain is believed to have no side-effects. Although kratom is believed to have diverse medical uses, some of its strains present medical side-effects when used in the long term. 

However, White Indo Kratom benefits are the least associated with any side effects as reported by most users. If you are into using the Indo White Kratom, it is necessary to understand its benefits first. 

Here are some of the benefits of White Vein Indo Kratom:

Enhances Mood

Some studies have suggested that the White Indo Kratom is an effective mood booster.  It contains some ingredients that may have a positive impact on brain receptors. Using the White Kratom in tea and coffee may help boost mood for those who are feeling out of balance. 

The White Indo Kratom is mainly beneficial in that it makes the users happy, confident, and relaxed throughout the day. These benefits are drawn from the actions of the herb on the brain of the users studies have suggested.

Increases Productivity and Focus

The White Vein Indo Kratom is also beneficial in that it may help calm the mind and improve brain focus. Many people across the globe already use kratom for this purpose. Some studies have suggested that kratom influences brain receptors and this is the reason why it has become popular. 

Researchers also believe kratom can levitate certain types of pain. When kratom is used to alleviate pain or calm the mind, it may help boost the functioning of the brain. The human brain works well when relaxed. Those who suffer from sleep conditions such as insomnia may find help by using the White Indo Kratom. 

This is because the drug may calm the mind leading to a peaceful sleep. While kratom itself does not increase productivity, its effect on the mind may lead to increased output. When a person uses the white Indo to calm the mind, the result is a highly productive person. Once the mind is calm, any person is in a position to produce more at work. 

Relieves Mild Pain 

The White Indo Kratom is also believed to be a good option when it comes to calming mild pain. Although many people use kratom for pain relief purposes, choosing the right strain is necessary. Those who use kratom for pain relief purposes say that the red strains are much effective. 

Some studies have also suggested that the red strains are good when it comes to relieving pain. With that said, the White Indo may still offer the benefits provided by other strains. Currently, no study links the White Indo strain directly to pain relief. In hindsight, many people who use the strain report feeling better after some time.  

Researchers speculate that the white strain may be functioning based on its ability to boost mood. The enhanced mood might be the reason behind pain relief, especially among those suffering from mild pain conditions. 


Kratom has always been used by many people to enhance sleep. It is common for people who suffer from insomnia to use the herb at night to calm the mind and find sleep. While the White Indo Kratom may also work well in calming the mind, it is not the best option when it comes to boosting sleep.

The White Indo Kratom may relax the mind by directly stimulating some receptors in the brain according to several researchers. In most cases, the effects of the drug may not result in sleep for patients. 

What Exactly is White Indo Kratom? 

The White Indo is a strain of kratom in the line of Indo kratom. Kratom is a plant in the coffee family that is native to South Asia in tropical rainforests. Scientifically known as mitragyna speciosa, kratom is believed to have plenty of health benefits including body relaxation, mental stimulation, and pain relief. 

Mitragyna speciosa has many strains but most strains come with side effects. One of the common side effects of kratom is excessively energizing the user. For this reason, most people prefer staying away from kratom. Furthermore, the White Indo Kratom presents a better option that works like other strains without the associated effects. 

The White Indo Kratom is primarily from Indonesia and is grown in the tropical rain forests. The White Indo causes relaxation while promoting a feeling of well being without causing side effects. 

Indonesian grown kratom comes in green, red, and white. Each of the three Indo strains of kratom has its strengths. The white strains of Indo kratom are generally good for mind relaxation but not good when it comes to pain relief. 

The red strain is believed to be better when it comes to relieving pain while the green Indo is good for improving concentration. 

How Much White Indo Kratom to Take 

The amount of white Indo kratom needed depends on the person and the purpose to be served. Further, the amount you consume also depends on the form of the drug you take. For example, the White Indo is extracted into the powder, capsules, and tea forms. 

With over three options, there is no strict scale for the white Indo kratom dosage. With that in mind, you should remember to go slow when starting to consume this product. This is a product that has side-effects, especially when used wrongly. 

Let’s look at the dosage based on the extract: 

Recommended Dosage (grams)
Beginners: 1.5-3 grams

Moderate Effects: 3-6 grams
Strong Effects: 6-9 grams
Very Strong: 9-12+ grams

White Vein Indo Kratom Powder

The dosage of the powder depends on the manufacturer, the potency of the powder, and the age of the user.

The potency of the active ingredients in white Indo kratom powder varies largely. Most producers and vendors of the drug guide the amount of powder that can be taken per day. 

In regular use of the powder, the age and situation of the patient should be considered. Beginners should start at lower amounts of kratom per day and grow gradually as they monitor the effects of the drug.

White Indo Kratom Caps

White Indo Kratom caps are available on a large scale in the market. In most cases, just one capsule should be enough. Likewise, the dosage does depend on the person taking the drug.

This is one reason why you must consult your pharmacist well before purchasing. The dosage may also depend on the manufacturer of the drug. 

How to Make White Indo Kratom Tea

The most popular way of consuming White Indo Kratom is via the White Indo Kratom tea. Below is a simple recipe that can help you prepare the tea at home.


  • kratom powder- depending on the intended use
  • 3 cups of water 
  • 3 tablespoons of honey (optional)


  • Simmer the water over low heat in a saucepan
  • Once the water gets hot, remove it from heat and add the kratom powder as desired.
  • Allow your tea to steep for about 10 minutes. Remember that the longer the steeping time the bitter the tea. If you want it mild steep for about 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea through cheesecloth and serve
  • Add a teaspoon of honey to your tea to sweeten and increase its potency. 

Where to Buy White Vein Indo Kratom?

The biggest problem most kratom users face is locating a genuine shop where they can purchase the product. Most of the dealers are online stores, some of which may not offer the right quality.

We should also remember that the White Vein Indo kratom is the rarest strain of kratom. This means that it is highly-priced as compared to other options.

Some of the stores that sell quality White Indo Kratom include Kratom Krush among others. With that said, make sure you get clear communication and receive your kratom product from a vetted supplier with a solid online reputation and valid e-commerce website that can be verified by the BBB.

Hi there, I'm Phillip co-owner of Kratom Krush. I began using kratom a few years ago to ease my anxiety. Ever since then, I've been experimenting with a wide variety of strains to compare their effects and get the most from this awesome plant. This is the site where I share everything I've learned.


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