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Category: Yellow Vein Kratom

You might be familiar with the common kratom strains, like red, green and white. Well, there seems to be very little valuable information on Yellow Indo Kratom. In this Yellow Indo Kratom review, I’ll be describing this less popular strain as best as I can from my personal experience with...

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gold reserve kratom

When you look up Gold Reserve Kratom on the internet, not much information is given. But, how good is this lesser known strain? In this Gold Reserve Kratom Extract review, I’ll be answering your questions about this Gold Standard, strong strain.  Gold Reserve kratom is a kratom extract that comes...

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sumatra kratom

Much of the world’s best kratom comes from Indonesia, and the Southeast Asian country is home to another winner in Sumatra. This strain, found in the island it’s named after, is renowned for its relaxation, and giving users physical calm and peace of mind.  We’ve got lots to tell you...

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